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Why You Need IoTalk™

Until now, keeping track of IoTThe “Internet of Things” (IoT) is the worldwide network of electronics that connect to each other via the internet. devices has been very difficult, complex, and expensive. And when something goes wrong, slow response time can be extremely costly.

IoTalk™ makes managing your industrial IoT network easy, simple, and affordable by enabling you to collaborate with devices, AI bots, and humans all in one app, and IoTalk’s proprietary Active Response Technology™ (ART) initiates event response efforts faster than any human ever could.

Top Benefits of IoTalk™

Minimized Risk

Instantaneous Response to Events

Fast Implementation

The Power of IoTalk™

Comprehensive IoT Operations Manager

Device, Bot, & Human Profiles

Keep track of user status, information, and activity.

Workflow Automation

Pre-program your network to respond to events and emergencies faster than any human ever could.

Team Collaboration

Interact with your team via group messaging, voice & video calls, and a task manager.

Extensive IoT Compatibility

Multi-Protocol Connectivity

Talk to (and control) your IoT devices via MQTT, HTTP, Web Sockets, TCP, UDP, AMQP, and CoAP.

Intuitive Controls

Customize your own IoT device commands.

IoT Framework Integration

Connect with Azure, Google, IBM, AWS, CISCO, and more.

Secure, Immutable Data Records

Blockchain Activity Logs

Save unchangeable records of all IoTalk activity.

Smart Contracts

Execute predetermined agreements in event-triggered workflows.

Forensic Reports

Export activity logs to prove legal compliance.

Active Response Technology™ (ART)

IoTalk’s proprietary Active Response Technology (ART) includes an advanced event detection system, a powerful workflow automation engine, and a robust collaboration platform. These components enable response efforts to be automated in advance so that the moment a critical event occurs, everyone knows what to do, secure communication channels for the people and devices involved are established, and all collaboration begins being recorded in immutable blockchain records for forensic event reproduction. There’s nothing else like it.

The Ease of IoTalk™

Easy implementation with near zero coding needed.

Lightning-fast response time to alerts and emergencies.

Proven collaboration platform used by hundreds of thousands of people.

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